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Family Feud
Artis: Jay Z
Album: 4:44
Waktu rilis: 1 Juli 2017

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[ar: Jay-Z]
[ti: Family Feud]
[al: 4:44]
[by: atwarp2]
[length: 04:11]
[00:00.00]"Family Feud"
[00:00.00]My nigga got on
[00:02.47]My nigga got on all white, no socks
[00:05.53]My nigga got that cocaina on today
[00:09.78]That's how he feel
[00:11.22]Turn my vocal up
[00:12.90]That's how you feel, Emory?
[00:14.53]Turn my vocal up some more
[00:16.53]Turn my vocal up, Guru!
[00:18.09]Turn the music up too
[00:20.34]Super Bowl goals
[00:23.97]My wife in the crib feedin' the kids liquid gold
[00:26.72]We in a whole different mode
[00:28.34]Kid that used to pitch bricks can't be pigeonholed
[00:31.47]I cooked up more chicken when the kitchen closed
[00:34.22]Oh, we gon' reach a billi' first
[00:37.09]I told my wife the spiritual shit really work!
[00:39.41]Alhamdulillah, I run through 'em all
[00:41.78]Hovi's home, all these phonies come to a halt
[00:43.28]All this old talk left me confused
[00:44.84]You'd rather be old rich me or new you?
[00:48.16]And old niggas, y'all stop actin' brand new
[00:51.28]Like 2Pac ain't have a nose ring too, huh
[00:58.28][Jay-Z & Beyoncé:]
[00:58.47]Nobody wins when the family feuds
[01:00.41]But my stash can't fit into Steve Harvey's suit
[01:03.15]I'm clear why I'm here, how about you?
[01:05.22]Ain't no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I'm cute..
[01:08.91]Pretty much
[01:10.53]If anybody gettin' handsome checks, it should be us
[01:14.66]Fuck rap, crack cocaine
[01:17.53]Nah, we did that, Black-owned things
[01:20.40]Hundred percent, Black-owned champagne
[01:23.22]And we merrily merrily eatin' off these streams
[01:26.22]Y'all still drinkin' Perrier-Jouët, huh
[01:30.40]But we ain't get through to you yet, uh
[01:32.72]What's better than one billionaire? Two (two)
[01:36.22]'Specially if they're from the same hue as you
[01:38.03]Y'all stop me when I stop tellin' the truth
[01:41.09]I would say I'm the realest nigga rappin'
[01:45.28]But that ain't even a statement
[01:47.15]That's like sayin' I'm the tallest midget
[01:49.84]Wait, that ain't politically correct
[01:51.84]Forget it
[01:52.84]Can I get "Amen" from the congregation?
[01:54.74]Amen, amen
[01:56.43]Can I get a "Amen" from the congregation?
[01:57.68]Amen, amen
[02:03.24]Yeah, I'll fuck up a good thing if you let me
[02:06.99]Let me alone, Becky
[02:09.70]A man that don't take care his family can't be rich
[02:12.20]I'll watch Godfather, I miss that whole shit
[02:15.43]My consciousness was Michael's common sense
[02:18.00]I missed the karma and that came as a consequence
[02:20.56]Niggas bustin' off through the curtains 'cause she hurtin'
[02:24.71]Kay losin' the babies 'cause their future's uncertain
[02:26.65]Nobody wins when the family feuds
[02:30.06]We all screwed 'cause we never had the tools
[02:32.31]I'm tryna fix you
[02:34.70]I'm tryna get these niggas with no stripes to be official
[02:38.07]Y'all think small, I think Biggie
[02:41.42]Y'all whole pass is in danger, ten Mississippi
[02:43.88]Al Sharpton in the mirror takin' selfies
[02:47.07]How is him or Bill Cosby s'posed to help me?
[02:51.51]Old niggas never accepted me
[02:52.84]New niggas is the reason I stopped drinkin' Dos Equis
[02:55.40]We all lose when the family feuds
[02:58.40]What's better than one billionaire? Two
[03:01.96]I'll be damned if I drink some Belvedere while Puff got CÎROC
[03:07.96]Y'all need to stop
[03:11.40]Higher, higher, higher, higher
[03:13.02]Higher, higher, higher, higher
[03:14.83]Higher, higher, higher, higher
[03:16.21]Higher, higher, higher, higher
[03:18.08]Higher, higher
[03:27.37]Love me like, love
[03:32.68]Like... yeah, yeah, yeah...
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