Katy Perry - Witness.lrc

Artis: Katy Perry
Album: Witness
Waktu rilis: 9 Juni 2017

[id: web.lrc]
[ar: Katy Perry]
[ti: Witness]
[length: 4:34]
[00:02.66]Katy Perry
[00:16.08]If I lost it all today, what would you take?
[00:19.26]Would my love be enough to stimulate?
[00:23.07]Shit hit the fan, grenades got thrown
[00:27.00]Would you still show, oh?
[00:31.06]Could you go down with me into the night?
[00:35.17]Could we get back up beneath, eventually love?
[00:48.70][02:08.71]Oh, I get myself tonight
[00:54.77][02:15.01]I get myself tonight, oh
[00:59.01][02:18.95]Oh, I get myself tonight
[01:03.44][02:23.50]We are just looking for a connection
[01:06.94][02:26.99]Yeah, we all want to be seen
[01:10.74][02:30.87]I'm looking for someone who speaks my language
[01:15.11][02:35.23]Someone to ride this ride with me
[01:18.98][02:39.16]Can I get a witness, witness?
[01:23.29][02:43.16]Will you be my witness, witness?
[01:26.90][02:47.03]I'm just looking for a witness in all of this
[01:31.15][02:51.40]Looking for a witness to get me through this
[01:36.27]When you tell me everything, theres no holes
[01:39.14]You can scroll through anything, you got the codes
[01:43.25]Nothing to hide, it's all in their eyes
[01:47.06]And we just know, oh
[02:22.94][03:01.72] --WWW.WEBLYRICS.NET--
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